Waxing and Electrolysis

Treatments will be expertly carried out by an experienced therapist to give you the reassurance of a professional treatment.


Using hygienic green tea wax & tea tree products.  Hair should be at least 5mm long for an effective treatment.  To improve results, exfoliate the area before your appointment and do not apply body lotion or moisturiser.

Perron Rigot Hot Wax is used for Hollywood and Brazilian Waxing. The wax is applied to the skin in a thick layer and removed directly without strips. It is kinder to the skin and produces an effective result. Wax contains anti-bacterial ingrediants to reduce irritation, calm and protect.
I am fully trained in Brazilian waxing by Kim Lawless ‘The Wax Queen’.

Standard Treatments
Half Leg Wax including knee  £16.00
Half Leg and Standard Bikini Wax £26.00
Half Leg, Standard Bikini and Underarm Wax £32.00
Half Leg and Hollywood £35.00
Half Leg, Hollywood and Underarm £40.00

Three-quarter Leg Wax £21.00

Full Leg Wax £26.00
Full Leg and Standard Bikini Wax £36.00
Full Leg, Standard Bikini and Underarm Wax £42.00
Full Leg and Hollywood Wax £45.00
Full Leg, Hollywood and Underarm Wax £50.00

Full Arm Wax £19.00
Full Arm and Underarm Wax £25.00
Underarm Wax £8.50

Standard Bikini Wax £12.00
Hollywood or Brazilian Wax £24.00
Hollywood and Underarm £29.00

Lip or Chin Wax £7.00
Lip and Chin Wax £12.00
Eyebrow Wax £11.00

Male Waxing
Chest Wax including stomach and shoulders  £21.00
Back Wax including shoulders £21.00

Sterex Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal suitable for unwanted hair on small areas such as Chin, Upper Lip, Eyebrows and Breast.  Each hair is individually treated and will require multiple treatments over a period of time to gradually make hair finer and hopefully eliminate it altogether. A sterile disposable probe is used at all times. Both traditional diathermy and blend methods available.

15 minutes (minimum charge)  £16.00
30 minutes  £26.00
45 minutes  £33.00
60 minutes  £40.00

How it Works
An electrical current is applied to the root of each individual hair using a very fine needle/probe, (roughly the width of the hair being treated). This gradually weakens and eventually kills off the root over a course of multiple treatments. A new sterile, disposable probe is used for each treatment.
There are two methods of electrolysis available – Diathermy and Blend. Diathermy is the original method using heat to kill the root. The blend method uses a mixture of a galvanic current and heat which produces a chemical reaction in the hair follicle and the client holds a bar during treatment. Blend takes longer to produce results.

Does it Hurt?
The insertion of the probe should not hurt if it is done accurately as it slides down the hair follicle without breaking the skin. Once the probe has been inserted, the current is applied and you will feel a slight warming, prickling sensation, which will subside before the probe is removed.
The current used is tailored to each client and depends on many factors such as thickness of the hair, strength of the root, hydration of the skin and the client’s pain threshold. The current is normally applied for 5-6 seconds per hair follicle, after which the hair slides out easily with tweezers. The level and duration of current is fine tuned for each hair. If a hair is particularly coarse, it may need treating a second time before it is effectively removed.

Does it Work on All Hair?
Electrolysis works best on hairs that have a root and it does not work as well on very fine hair. It may not work on follicles that are curved or bent (on curly hair) as it is more difficult to slide the probe right down to the root of the hair being treated. It is also less effective if follicles have been damaged or distorted by long term plucking, waxing or threading.

Number of Treatments and Length of Sessions
Treatments should be carried out regularly, but the frequency will depend on each individual and the speed of re-growth. As a guide – approximately once a week or fortnight to begin with and then once a month as the hair gets weaker and grows back slower. Commitment to the treatment is important as it will take at least a year (20 – 30+ treatments) for most areas.
Not all hair grows at the same rate, so what you might think is just a few hairs that you have been plucking out now and again, can turn out to be a lot more, most of which is hidden under the skin at any one point in time.
Sessions can be between 15 minutes to 1 hour or more. The time required to treat an area will vary from person to person, depending on the density of their hair growth.

The area treated my be red and slightly raised afterwards, but should calm down fairly quickly. Sterex cooling aftercare gel is applied to the area.
It is not recommended to apply make-up to the area for 24 hours.
Do not apply heavy moisturisers to the area for 24 hours
Avoid touching the area excessively
Do not go swimming for 24 hours
No sunbathing or heat treatments for 24 hours.
If tiny scabs do occur, leave to heal naturally. Between treatments hair can be trimmed but should not be plucked.